Cybersecurity Tips

Help Us Keep Our State Secure!
Here are some things you can do to assist:
  • Use extreme caution when connecting a USB drive to your state computer. Malware and viruses are transferred easily through a USB drive.
  • Critical work products must be saved to Google Drive on a regular basis. Should you lose your laptop, or have any other type of data loss, your files will be stored and accessible in Drive to ensure you maintain productivity.
  • Participating agency partners, complete the required online OIT cybersecurity training. You can access the training via this online portal: Although not all attacks can be prevented, your behavior and vigilance can vastly reduce the state’s exposure to threats.
  • Do not remove any of the state provided software from your computer and do not add software without authorization from OIT.
  • Think about security in everything you do. A minor mistake can have far-reaching security impact.

Protecting Yourself from Ransomware

  • Make sure to back up your files. 
  • Do not disable the anti-virus/anti-malware software on your state computer. If you are using a personal computer, make sure to use anti-virus/anti-malware software and keep current with any software updates. 
  • If you receive a message from a financial institution or an unexpected source regarding any type of account, go directly to that site to verify they sent the message. Do not click on the link in the email message itself. 
  • Don’t fall for social engineering in common phishing messages, such as one from an HR department about your resume, an undelivered package from the post office, or resetting a password. 
  • Do not provide personal information to unsolicited callers. 
  • Learn more about ransomware in this TechU article 

Protecting Yourself from Phishing

  • Don't Click! If you receive an email that is suspicious, just delete it; do not click on anything in the email. Some emails are created to grab information or install malware on the machine regardless of where you click in the email. 
  • Some scams even come by phone call. If you receive a suspicious phone call, hang up immediately; you would be surprised to know what an attacker can gain while they have you on the phone. 
  • Learn more about phishing in this TechU article

Protecting Sensitive & Confidential Information
The Zix Secure Email Portal is an encryption service that is added to the state Google email platform. It automatically encrypts state email that contains certain keywords. To learn more about how Zix works, click here.

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